Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Ready to go - USA Journal

I want to use this to record details of my trip; there are nooks and crannies to store notes, drawings, receipts - and photos when I come back home and print them.

I have not seen my son and daughter in law since October 2009, so I am very excited about this but so sorry my husband is not fit enough to come with me.

The last time I went to USA I collected all sorts of ephemera and notebooks, but I never actually collated them, so I have decided not to repeat that.

I have used a notebook with lots of pages removed and duck tape to make it into a text block inside the cover which has maps of UK and my US destination.

I have used a thatsjuspenny travel journal digi-kit and added details of my Heathrow hotel, flight details with transfers and info on how to pick up my hire car, cellphone numbers etc.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Going to America - Journal in progress

I'm driving to Heathrow airport, parking at a hotel there, catching a flight to Chicago, another one to  Saginaw and picking up a car and driving to Mount Pleasant!

I start off from Lincolnshire...

and end up in Michigan...

I have found vintage prints of Mount Pleasant

I haven't decided what to use as the Journal yet, though it is going to use justthatpenny's travel journal digi-kit.

I have got an old book with the text block removed or 2 notebooks with signatures that can be taken out.
I was thinking about having a looseleaf postbound version, or a notebook with lots of pockets to store memorabilia and to make notes.

this is a little notebook...

and this is A4...

I will use the maps as covers...

So watch this space!!

Friday, 15 September 2017

thatsjustpenny BIRDS AND BLOOMS digi-kit in a 5.5" x 4" altered notebook journal

This is an exceptionally pretty digi-kit from
thatsjust penny called BIRDS AND BLOOMS

I have used it as the basis for a little altered note-book, 5.5" x 4".

To make the mini journal, I removed about half the pages and stuck some of the remaining pages together and used them as pockets.

As well as the kit, I have used scrapbook papers, envelopes, doilies, paper bags and some little pictures off the web.

The video of the finished notebook is here:-

Friday, 8 September 2017

thatsjustpenny Victorian Seamstress journals

I have just finished two journals for the thatsjustpenny Design Team using the Victorian Seamstress digi-kits along with a mad array of embellishments and ephemera.

Each one consists of four signatures ( the folded pages nested inside each other) stitched together and bound into covers that show the signatures. I shall be posting videos showing how to make these books.

But in the meantime here is a video:-

Thursday, 31 August 2017

4 signatures for The Victorian Seamstress

 Here are the four signatures for the Victorian Seamstress thatsjustpenny digi-kit.

They are complete with tucks and pockets, but these have not been filled yet.

They are looking pretty chunky!

I have already posted the first signature,  so numbers 2 to 4 follow -

Number 2 , left, has the signature cover shown at the bottom

Like the front, the reverse of Number 2 has lots of pockets, corner tucks,  and lots of other spaces so that the owner of the book can customize it.

Eventually there will also be lots of insertions of pictures, postcards, ephemera and little cards and zines to write in.

I shall also be adding some more embellishments like beads and charms

The next stage is to think about sewing the signatures together and making a cover.

I am a bit concerned about the eventual thickness of the book once all the inside pieces are added,  and whether it will be too chunky to manage, so it is still a work in progress and I will be posting the next stages as they happen.